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He must reckon with all he sought to escape when she redefines his dreams.


Series description

The Lone Star Beginnings Series is a historical romance series spanning from 1852-1870’s. Each romantic pair struggles to overcome obstacles, yet triumph and experience a Christ-centered love. Books include: The Soldier’s Undoing, The Wrangler’s Redemption, and The Drifter’s Belonging. (Series size up to seven books. Stories 3 & 4 are in the first draft stages of development.)


What began with a kiss ended in a promise. But when tragedy strikes, the well-intended oath is broken.


Series description

Monroe Legacy Series is a clean read historical romance set in the early 1900s. The books are linked by three things, 1) characters are opposites in personality, class, and/or separated by great distances, 2) each story theme revolves around the concept that every day is not promised so we should live to the fullest [ref. James 4:14], and 3) the geographical area of the northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

rattler219Book 1 of Monroe Legacy won first place historical romance in the 2019 Phoenix Rattler Writing Contest. Christian Writers of the West, CWOW – Arizona’s ACFW affiliate club.


What if you woke up in an old western town believing it was your second life only to discover nothing is as it seems?


Each book in the Crossing Over Trilogy is linked by a strong family tie between the character and an element of lucid dream-like existence placed in the past that the heroines must escape to return to their realities. This is a clean read, speculative fiction with a historical feel and romantic element meant to show how God will reach someone through dreams to overcome grief, trauma and even addiction. Books include: Nightingale Station, Falcon Canyon, and Goldfinch Haven.

Fire Award SemifinalistBook1 of Crossing Over Trilogy is a semifinalist in Mountain Brook Ink.’s 2020 Fire Award Contest.


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