Crossing Over Trilogy

Nightingale Station

BOOK 1 of Crossing Over Trilogy

A UCLA student wakes up in the 1800’s in a little town filled with people from her past, and the only way to return home is to board a weekly train that has a select number of personalized tickets.


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Breanna St. James’ first day at UCLA is the height of her life. She has a full-ride scholarship and the attention of a handsome theater arts professor. But good things never last. One night she is attacked. Upon escaping, she races into a bright light and blacks out. The next morning, she finds herself in an eccentric town far from Los Angeles where everyone dresses like they’re from the 1800s. Even stranger, except for the handsome sheriff, the residents are all friends, family, and colleagues of hers. The only way to leave is by a weekly train, provided your name is on the passenger manifest.

Desperate to return home, Bre determines to leave by train, but the town is run by a council that controls the currency, food supply, and contact with the train. As Bre struggles against the hierarchy, she finds an ally in the sheriff. Believing she was killed the night of the attack and is now living her second life, Bre settles into the 1800s as much as a millennial can; however, the recurring visions of her family makes her question if she has truly begun a second life or if she’s still holding onto life back in LA.

Manuscript available upon request.

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