Authors Inspiring Writers #2) Joanna Davidson Politano

JoannaBannerFor the second installment of our Authors Inspiring Writers Series, I’m pleased to introduce Joanna Davidson Politano author of Lady Jayne Disappears and A Rumored Fortune. I met Joanna through American Christian Fiction Writers a short time before she signed with Revel. She is one of the most kind-hearted, gracious people I’ve met in the writing community. I know you will see this in her article below. Enjoy, and blessings to you in Jesus name.

~ KyLeann

I’m Joanna, the author of the historical novel Lady Jayne Disappears. I entered the world of publishing for the first time about 15 months ago when three different publishing houses offered me multi-book contracts around the same time. About 17 months ago, I decided I’d probably never be published so I was going to quit.

Isn’t it crazy what discouragement will make us believe?

I’d been writing for several years and submitting when I had the opportunity, but no one even responded to my submissions then—not in the agent realm or publisher. And then my babies started coming along, and I assumed (as in, DIDN’T talk with God about it) that it was time to set writing aside and raise my family. It seemed the sensible, noble route, and even though God had directed me to pursue this writing thing years before, I figured I’d just shelve it for a few years and pick it up later.

But more than taking the path of least resistance and prioritizing my family, the very human part of me had decided to shelve writing because I secretly believed there wasn’t room for me. It’s very wrong thinking, but that’s the candid reality of my heart at the time.

Have you ever reached the end of an absolutely stunning book and told yourself, “I can never do that” or “I’ll never be that good!” That was the first lie I allowed to seep into my heart (and I’ll share the second later).

Guys, I want to tell you all something super important. You have zero competition. None. If God has beckoned you into the adventure of spinning his truth into stories, there is an actual hole in this world that is the shape of your story, and no other book can fill it. He has people whose lives need to collide with your novel at the exact time it will be available to them, and He is sovereign over orchestrating that timing.
Think of your writing as a language. That language is a combination of your writing voice and tone, all the spiritual truths God has woven into your heart, and all the intricate parts of your personality, from passions to failures and wisdom. While other books you thought were amazing may not jive with certain readers for one reason or another, your book may be the exact “language” that synchs with someone else’s soul and your words flow directly, unhindered into their heart and hit them where they need it most. That book you think is so deep it makes your stuff look corny? Well, maybe that’s just not a topic that interests someone, or maybe it’s even too deep for another reader to pick up. But they’d pick up yours and be hit with truth about themselves or their life.
Imagine if you had stopped writing out of fear, or if you’d changed your writing to emulate some other language.
Ok, now to explain the second lie I believed. I thought that because no one was interested in publishing stories of my language that they weren’t of value. That meant I should change how I wrote, give up, or strive harder. So that second lie is this—publication is the ultimate goal. Please, hear this—publication is not the finish line we’re striving for. God is. Pursue Him hard through your writing as you untangle your stories together and see where he takes it from there. He has the power to pull absolutely anything together.
Happy writing, and blessings on your stories!

About Joanna

Joanna0005 (1)I’m a work-from-home mom of one super cute baby girl (pictures to prove it) and I write novels. I married my hero Vince, who is my love and my polar opposite. I write, he tears it up with the red pen. I break cars and other mechanical things, he puts them back together. He’s nailed the “speak the truth” thing, and I bring the “in love” part. But the real spark to our marriage is that he does not like chocolate and I…  like it a normal amount. We love and live from our little house in the woods near Lake Michigan, which is undergoing a constant renovation.

You can find Joanna on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and her website


10 thoughts on “Authors Inspiring Writers #2) Joanna Davidson Politano

  1. Winnie Thomas

    I love this post, Joanna, even though I’m not a writer. I loved Lady Jayne Disappears and am eagerly looking forward to A Rumored Fortune. It was such fun meeting you at CFRR last summer. Hugs, sweet lady!


  2. Joanna, I did exactly what you described…I shelved my writing to raise my family. I always wanted to write, but my first major story idea (that I couldn’t shake) came to me five months after my daughter was born. My debut released one month before she graduated from high school. So I kind of raise my book and my baby together. The sad part is it only took me six months to finish once I sat down at my laptop…but I’d been writing it in my head for years. Yay you for not putting your dream on hold. You’re a great role model for new writers.


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